Keith Olbermann: Donald Trump's Travel Ban Is The 'Greatest Possible Gift To ISIS'

"What better recruitment tool could there be?"

Keith Olbermann believes President Donald Trump’s travel ban has given Islamic State terrorists an “insane, immoral rationalization for their bloodlust.”

In his latest clip for GQ’s “The Resistance” series, Olbermann argued that Trump’s executive order, which prohibits refugees and visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, would help ISIS attract new members by reinforcing the idea that the West is at war with Islam.

What better recruitment tool could there be?” asked the former MSNBC and ESPN journalist. “What better instigation to homegrown terrorists throughout the world to rise, could there be?”

An “intelligent 10-year-old” could tell Trump that the last thing the “new banana Republican government” should do to prevent radical Islamic terrorism is “to ban Muslims simply because they are Muslims,” Olbermann said. He then labelled the order as “the greatest possible gift to ISIS.”  

Check out the full clip above.