Keith Olbermann Is Back, And He Thinks Donald Trump Is A 'Demonic Messiah'

Plus, he has 176 reasons why you-know-who shouldn't be president.

Donald Trump has been called many things during his presidential campaign, but “demonic messiah in Oompa Loompa’s clothing” is probably a first.

That came courtesy of Keith Olbermann, who brought his colorful and sometimes controversial commentary style to his new GQ digital series, “The Closer,” on Tuesday.

His takedown of Trump will likely leave you nodding in assent and laughing.

Olbermann urged Americans to defend themselves against people who, like Trump, don’t commit “to anything except their own out-of-control minds and the bottomless pits of their egos” and called the Republican nominee “the most dangerous individual ever nominated by a major party for the highest office in this country.”

He was just getting started.

“His base wants few details and fewer facts; they just want to burn it down and blame their failures on the collective ‘other,’” Olbermann continued. “And Donald John Trump is their demonic messiah in Oompa Loompa’s clothing. We must stop him.”

Olbermann then began naming “176 shocking things Donald Trump has done this election.” Ready to count along?

Call it a history lesson ― or a warning.

“This is madness,” Olbermann concluded. “Any questions?”

Watch above.

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularlyincitespolitical violence and is a

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