Keith Olbermann: Glenn Beck Tops 'Worst Persons' List For Goldline Endorsement (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann placed Glenn Beck at the top of his "Worst Persons" list on his show Wednesday night. Olbermann gave Beck this title due to his relationship with Goldline, the California-based precious metals dealer that was charged with misdemeanor crimes on Tuesday.

Olbermann referred to Goldline as "Beck's friends," and highlighted that the 19-count criminal complaint described Goldline as a "bait and switch operation" that made "false and misleading claims."

"And who is the pitchman who made the false and misleading claims? Among others, Goldline mascot Glenn Beck," Olbermann said. (This claim contradicts the complaint, which does not mention Beck at all.)

Glenn Beck and other conservative hosts have long endorsed Goldline. The company was also a key advertiser for Beck on his Fox News show and is currently an underwriter of GBTV.