Keith Olbermann Mocks Obama Muslim Conspiracy Theorists With Apocalyptic Video

Keith Olbermann mocked conspiracy theorists who believe President Obama is a Muslim with a satirical explanation of all the reasons to believe that Obama is hiding his Muslim faith.

In a video with Olbermann's breathy, apocalyptic voiceover, "Countdown" launched a "Special Investigation" into the president's true faith.

"The Muslim-seeded toddler engineered the divorce of his own parents to prevent people from learning that his father was Muslim," the video opens.

"To keep up appearances, Obama cleverly violated his Muslim faith whenever he could, fooling everyone by: never going to Mecca, breaking the fast of Ramadan, eating pork, drinking alcohol, having a Christian wedding, baptizing his children, worshipping at Christian churches...for decades," it continues.

Olbermann jokes that Obama "even sent his daughters to...a fancy Washignton school that was really a madrassa," that he once "ran an Islamic journal whose Arabic name translates to Harvard Law Review," and that as president he "refuses to bomb not just one, but many Muslim countries."

While never mentioning Fox News or any conservative media outlets by name, Olbermann makes his point effectively — and even adds in some Breitbart-style selective editing to present Obama's quotes about Islam out of context.

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