Keith Olbermann, Now With Double Meat

Keith Olbermann, Now With Double Meat

Today I am kvelling, because I get to feature my friend Michael Terry in a pretty hilarious and already-buzzy YouTube impression of Keith Olbermann, entitled "Keith Olbermann Issues A Special Comment On Yesterday's Lunch." For any of you who have felt ripped off by not getting your promised allotment of meat in a Subway sandwich, this one's for you.

Interestingly, a brief search of YouTube reveals that surprisingly few have attempted an Olbie impression, despite his considerable popularity across platforms (particularly that platform: Search results for "Olbermann" on YouTube number about 38,900). There is this guy, who reads political nursery rhymes in character, and a tip o' the hat to him, but the "Special Comments" have been ripe for parody for a while, owing to their distinctive style, strong emotion and association with Olbermann's persona (book!). I think MT's concept is pretty funny. Decide for yourself! Warning: It will make you hungry.

Interesting side note: The video just went up two days ago, but already there's a ferocious debate going on in the comments about who's better, Olbermann or Bill O'Reilly. A sampling: "You are dumber than a box of rocks. Olbermann get's his ass kicked by FOX and CNN." "You are the joke. You are more stupid than a pint of cold spit....Obermann is rated #1 on MSNBC." O-kay.

On a happier note, allow me to crow for a minute: Here's how MT has described his entree into comedy: "Four years ago a friend of mine urged me to take a sketch writing class. I kept refusing, but she was persistent. So I finally gave in, mainly to get her off my back." That's me! I'm the she! I ANNOYED him into success! Today, this former investment banker at Morgan Stanley has gone on to form the wonderfully hilarious sketch group Party Central USA with Brianne Halverson, Mike Condrick and recently HuffPo contributor Patrick Dall'Occhio (MT contributes too. Friends of mine know I like to recruit.) Originally, people wondered if it was smart to leave a Wall Street job for the uncertain world of comedy. Funny how that question feels a little out of date.

Anyhow — I love when I can give legitimate props to smart, talented people in this space. Now if you'll excuse me, there is a delicious six-inch somewhere with my name on it. (That is a Subway reference, people. Sheesh.)

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