Keith Olbermann On Letterman: Talks Current TV, NBC Exit (VIDEO)

WATCH: Olbermann Returns To TV, Talks About Why He Left MSNBC

Keith Olbermann made his first television appearance since his exit from MSNBC on Wednesday, chatting with David Letterman on "The Late Show" about his new Current TV show, as well as current events.

Olbermann's new show--which, like his MSNBC show, will be called "Countdown"--starts June 20. Letterman asked him what caused him to leave MSNBC in January.

"At some's occurred to me that the best place for me to start doing the news...would be at a place that's just in the news business and nothing else," he said. "Just a company that's just news and we could kind of make every decision relying on that...and that had been at the back of my mind for a while."

Letterman asked Olbermann about the nine employers he has left during his professional career, and wondered what the state of the bridges he burned are. "I did not burn the bridges," Olbermann said. "I have napalmed them."

Letterman then turned to the question of the name of the show. How, he wondered, had Olbermann managed to keep it after leaving MSNBC?

"We just sort of did it," Olbermann said. "We'll hear from them if they're not happy."


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