Keith Olbermann On Lieberman: 'Good Riddance' To 'Delusional Liar' (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann made his (unsurprising) disdain for outgoing Senator Joe Lieberman clear on his Wednesday show, calling Lieberman a "delusional liar" and saying, "good riddance."

Olbermann did a segment on the news conference Lieberman held, where he announced that he would not run for reelection in 2012 and compared himself to John F. Kennedy. But his real scorn for Lieberman emerged in all of his plugs for the segment before it aired.

In one of them, he said, "don't let the delusional liar door hit you in the delusional liar butt on the way out." In another, he said, "goodbye, Joe Lieberman, and good riddance." And in still another, he accused Lieberman of "lying even on the way out the door."

In the segment, Olbermann brought Slate's David Weigel on to talk about Lieberman. He asked sarcastically what problem Democrats could have had with Lieberman's domestic positions--"except for the estate tax, the Bush tax cuts, school vouchers, gay marriage, homeland security, the public option, the Medicare buy-in, privatizing Social Security and tort reform."--let alone his foreign policy choices.

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