Keith Olbermann: 'I'm Coming Out Of Retirement'

The broadcaster ripped into Donald Trump, perhaps foreshadowing what he'd do if he returns to the airwaves.

Keith Olbermann, the acid-witted broadcaster who can't seem to hold onto a job, said Friday he wants to return to showbiz, but left fans and critics guessing what that might look like.

"I'm coming out of retirement," Olbermann, a former ESPN and MSNBC host, said on ABC's "The View." 

Olbermann, 57, said he hasn't lined up an outlet for his new pursuit. "So, anybody who wants to, just call me," he told host Joy Behar.

Olbermann, known for sharp and provocative political and sports commentary at his previous gigs at ESPN, MSNBC, Fox Sports, Current TV and CNN, has struggled to hold onto a job. His departures from MSNBC and Current TV were particularly acrimonious. Critics have called him a "bridge-burner."

After leaving ESPN for the second time in July, Olbermann has expressed increasingly strong antipathy for Donald Trump. He railed against Trump on "The View," calling the GOP front-runner the “most dangerous presidential candidate” since the Civil War.

“The hate that comes out between now and the election, if he's the nominee, does as much damage to the country as him being president,” Olbermann said.

Olbermann is often described as liberal -- a term he resists. A return to the broadcast spotlight could allow him to rekindle his brand of vehement criticism, which he often aimed at Republicans during the George W. Bush era.

During his appearance on "The View," Olbermann elaborated on his Washington Post op-ed, in which he wrote that he was moving out of a Trump-owned New York City apartment building.

"I couldn't go under the sign anymore that said Trump Palace without spitting because I just ... I ran out of spit," Olbermann said.

Olbermann said he doesn't think Trump will be elected.

"At this point, I don’t think he’s even going to get the nomination, because I think everybody who’s in the Republican Party who runs it goes, 'If he wins, we lose all of our jobs.'"



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