Keith Olbermann Tells Tom Brady To Sack His Agent

ESPN's Keith Olbermann has taken aim at the man behind the "deflategate" quarterback.

No, not Tom Brady's dad. His agent, Don Yee.

"Tom, fire this guy," Olbermann said on his ESPN2 show Tuesday. "You still have time to salvage something out of this. Admit this happened. Say it was an isolated incident. Take the blame, make a large charitable donation, go to ball inflation rehab and ask [NFL Commissioner Roger] Goodell to please not punish the rest of the team and the Patriot fans for what you did with such a harsh suspension."

Olbermann took umbrage with Yee's harsh reaction to the NFL's "deflategate" investigation, which resulted in a four-game suspension for Brady. Yee said the league's findings contain "tragic flaws" and suggested there was a "sting operation" between the NFL and the Colts. (The Colts, losers to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, raised concerns with the league that Brady and the Patriots might be using under-inflated footballs.)

In his rebuke of Brady's agent, Olbermann also managed to poke fun at himself: "Tom, relax," he said. "We've all been suspended."

Olbermann was suspended by his current employer in February and by MSNBC in 2010. But look who's laughing now.



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