Keith Olbermann Apologizes to UK: 'Trump Is Not Of Sound Mind'

"We are working to correct the problem as soon as possible."

A somber Keith Olbermann apologized to Britain for Donald Trump’s insensitive comments attacking the competence of London’s mayor in the wake of Saturday’s attack on London Bridge. “Donald Trump is not of sound mind,” explained Olbermann in the latest offering of GQ’s “The Resistance.” “We are working to correct the problem as soon as possible.”

But it won’t be easy, he added. Unlike most jobs in the nation — and on Trump’s own former reality program “The Apprentice” — it’s extremely difficult to fire a president, no matter how incompetent, Olbermann said.

“Amid all that he creates — mass confusion, charges of corruption, hints at collusion — there is a stark reality. In almost any other job in this country, assuredly in any other private sector job ... Donald Trump, our national embarrassment, our international disgrace, would have been fired by now,” he said.

“His complete incompetence, his complete failure, and his complete inability to see his incompetence and his failure as anything except personal brilliance would get him fired everywhere from the boardroom at Microsoft to the deep fryer at McDonald’s.”

It’s not only Trump’s startling Twitter comments after the terrorist attack that are worrying, noted Olbermann. The president has also stumped Americans by complaining about the “watered-down” travel restrictions for citizens of several predominantly Muslim countries (which he has tried to institute through executive orders) that are about to be defended in the Supreme Court by the Department of Justice. He insisted that it absolutely is a “travel ban” — which may make it even more difficult to defend.

Then there was his puzzling reference in a tweet last week to the head-scratching “negative press confefe” — which Trump perhaps typed as he fell asleep or “otherwise lost awareness,” said Olbermann.

“The meaninglessness, the lack of focus, the carelessness, the self-pity, the irresponsible redefinition of the language itself that has symbolized this fifth-rate administration from the moment of Trump’s inaugural address onwards was summarized in five words plus some kind of typographical error.”

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