Keith Olbermann WTF Moment: Miss California Carrie Prejean (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann debuted a new and recurring segment on his show tonight called "Countdown's WTF Moment." The first WTF moment centered on Miss California Carrie Prejean, who was thrust into the public eye after she expressed opposition to gay marriage during the Miss America pageant. (Donald Trump, the pageant owner, said in a press conference today that Ms. Prejean would be allowed to keep her crown despite the fact that several racy and previously undisclosed photos have come to light.)

Olbermann expressed astonishment at Ms. Prejean's claim that Satan was trying to tempt her when Perez Hilton asked her the question regarding gay marriage, cast a dubious eye on her claims to have been betrayed by the photographer who snapped the semi-nude photos, and rebutted her statement that her free speech rights have been attacked and that she has been punished for taking a stand.


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