Keith Richards Owes '50 Years' Of Library Fines

Keith Richards delineated many of his wild experiences in his memoir, "Life," but there's more to the Rolling Stones guitarist than sex, drugs and rock and roll. Richards recently revealed that he nicked a few books from a local library, and probably owes "50 years" of overdue fines.

"It was a place where you get a hint there was a place called civilization," Richards said of the library in Dartford, Kent, noting that he spent many a day in the library's lending room.

Rock and roll! Luckily for us, the Sun found some "experts" to estimate the cost at about 20,000 pounds, which our expert (Google) tells us is over $30,000. That's about the cost of a pair of Rolling Stones tickets, or it probably was before the group slashed prices in advance of their Los Angeles show.

When the Staples Center concert -- which featured Dave Grohl -- didn't sell out, the band cut prices from $250 to $600 a seat down to a more manageable $85. The high prices on the band's "50 Years and Counting" tour have been the subject of much consternation in the music industry, as a number of fans were obviously priced out. (Tickets for the group's Hyde Park gig were set at $500 each.)

The price cut in Los Angeles is said to directly affect the Mick Jagger, Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts take-home pay. That's OK, though: We'd venture to guess that they're better off than Richards' hometown librarians.

Check out photos from the band's L.A. gig:

Rolling Stones & Dave Grohl Rock Out