Keith Soules, Law Enforcement Officer, Rejoins SWAT Team Despite Losing Leg (VIDEO)

A man who lost part of his leg in a motorcycle accident defied all physical limits Friday after passing a grueling fitness test to rejoin his SWAT team, reports Channel 7 WSPA.

Using a permanent prosthetic leg, Keith Soules was required to successfully run a mile in 12 and a half minutes or less, climb a rope, do push-ups and sit-ups and pass a firearms test to qualify for the team, explains the Spartanburg Herald Journal.

With his father watching him, Soules mastered the test and even completed the run in 11 minutes and 25 seconds.

The accident happened almost a year ago in Spartanburg, S.C., after a car hit his motorcycle while on his way home.

Though Soules returned to work not too long after as a records clerk, he couldn't stop there.

His father believes his son's "never give up" mentality is thanks to time spent serving in the Marine Corps, notes Channel 7 WSPA.

Capt. Art Littlejohn from Spartanburg Public Safety wasn't surprised Soules mastered the physical test.

"I knew he would do well," Littlejohn told the Spartanburg Herald Journal. "I think he's an inspiration to everyone -- that something like that can happen to you, and you don't have to stop."

Littlejohn expects Soules will be back on patrol duty by next week after recommending he be allowed to rejoin the tactical squad.

While Soules' tale is certainly inspirational, another police officer based in Louisville, Ky., lived to tell a similar story.

Not only did Kevin Trees return to active duty after losing a leg in a motorcycle accident, but he also went on to become a helicopter pilot with the department's aviation division.