Keith Urban Opens Up About Marriage And Addiction

Keith Urban: Struggling With Addiction Strengthened My Marriage

In 2006, a few months after marrying actress Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban headed to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction -- his third stay in eight years. Although the road to recovery wasn’t easy, Urban told HuffPost Live he has no regrets.

“I’ve learned so much since getting married,” he said. “I like where Nic and I are right now and I like where I am in my life and whatever that journey was to get me to here, I wouldn’t want to change any of that.”

Although the “American Idol” judge wishes he had been sober during the early stages of their relationship, helping each other through the tough times played a big role in building the couple’s bond.

"On the one hand, there were times early on when I wished I would have been sober and in recovery and everything when I met Nic and I wasn’t. But the other way to look at it, which is a much better way and so true, is that we’ve been able to build our relationship with that... We’ve been able to build that together,” he said. “That wasn’t something that was in place before I met her, so there’s a real power in that as well, and I think it’s given us a really powerful foundation.”

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Urban here.

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