Nicole Kidman Taught Keith Urban Everything He Knows About Raising Girls

“American Idol” judge Keith Urban told HuffPost Live in an interview Thursday that his wife Nicole Kidman has taught him everything he knows about parenting.

Kidman is a veteran parent -- she adopted two children with her first husband Tom Cruise -- so she passed her expertise onto Urban, who became a first-time father back in 2008.

“I’m learning the most from Nic about that. She’s raised two kids before her and I met, and so much of what she has learned has come into play in our family in such a beautiful way,” the singer told host Caroline Modarressay-Tehrani.

Since the country singer tied the knot with Kidman in 2006, the couple has had two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

“I’m learning so much about, not only how to raise kids, but how to raise two girls, because I grew up in a house with just my brother and I, so I have no sisters,” he said. “It’s been an extraordinary thing to learn so much about how to raise little girls.”

Urban said Kidman leads by example by really listening to how their girls feel about things.

“I think honoring their feelings, that’s the first thing. Recognizing that they feel something and not sort of shutting that down, but then seeing if there’s a way we can help,” he said. “[If] they’re scared about something or they’re worried about something or whatever it is ... Nic would never say, ‘Oh that’s silly.’ She would never say that. She would recognize that that’s how they feel and then help them work through things. She’s just extraordinary.”

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with singer Keith Urban here.

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