Keke Palmer Channels Aaliyah In 'Try Again'-Inspired Costume

A dope beat to step to.

We hate to bring up the much-maligned biopic "Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B," but Lifetime clearly someone forgot to throw KeKe Palmer's name into the casting mix

The "Scream Queens" star stunned in an Aaliyah-inspired look from the singer's "Try Again" music video this Halloween. 

Palmer, who recently released her own single, "I Don't Belong To You," documented her transformation on her Instagram account with the hashtag #ForeverMissingYouAaliyah. 

#HappyHalloween #ForeverMissingYouAaliyah 🙏🏾

A photo posted by Lauren Palmer (@kekepalmer) on

Palmer took a page out of LeBron James' book and fully embodied her alter ego through song and dance. She uploaded a video of her copycat performance of "Try Again" as a Halloween "treat" for fans.

here's a "treat" .. Do you know who I am? Happy Halloween 😈

A video posted by Lauren Palmer (@kekepalmer) on

"Try Again" is arguably Aaliyah's most famous song and has continued to maintain its cultural relevancy long after the singer's death.

Most recently, Chris Messina of "The Mindy Project" made our TV dreams come true by performing the number as a Christmas gift for the Aaliyah-obsessed Mindy. Check out Messina in all his glory below. 



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