Keke Palmer's Interview With Chris Brown's Girlfriend Upset Rihanna Fans

Keke Palmer made waves when she secured her own BET talk show, "Just Keke," but her choice to host Chris Brown's current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran , possibly generated even more media attention as it forced her to confront some turmoil from disgruntled Rihanna fans. Still, 20-year-old Palmer -- who's a friend of the "Rude Boy" singer -- maintains she doesn't regret her choice.

"I want to give my generation everything they're asking for," she told host HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd in an interview on Wednesday, July 16. "I feel like this was a specific thing that a lot of people were curious about. They were curious to hear what Karrueche had to say."

"You kinda know how Rihanna feels 'cause she kinda tweets here and there," Palmer continued. "You kinda know how Chris Brown feels, 'cause he'll just tell you -- he'll put a video to it! -- but Karrueche has never spoken out, and so I was really glad she trusted us at 'Just Keke' to kinda give us the word on how she feels."

Brown's relationship with Tran comes on the heels of a very public relationship with Rihanna, which continued off-and-on even as he was found guilty of assaulting her. Rihanna's loyal fan base is known for its hostility towards Brown, which has extended to his current girlfriend. Fans were predictably unhappy that Tran was being offered a forum to speak.

"[There was] lots of drama about me having her on," Palmer recalled. "Because people know I'm a huge Rihanna fan and so their initial thing is, 'Why would you have Karrueche on if you're a huge Rihanna fan?' And the thing is, it's not about me ... it's about me keeping a promise to you guys, which is to always give you the real ... this was news to my generation and I wanted to make sure I gave it to them."

Coincidentally, Rihanna is the guest whom Palmer said she'd most like to have on her show. And no, she doesn't think her interview with Tran, which aired July 16, will hurt chances of scoring a sit-down session with the pop star.

"Rihanna's not a petty person like that," she explained. "This [love triangle] has nothing to do with me, so I can't imagine she would feel a way about [the interview] -- that's just not her character."

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