Keke Palmer's Inspiring Pep Talk Will Guide You Through 2016

Keke schools us all on how to deal with the haters.

Keke Palmer shared some wise words to all the underdogs of the world on her Facebook page on Monday.

"There is nothing wrong with being underestimated," the 22-year-old actress said. "People say, 'Oh I feel underestimated. I don't feel like this person believes I can do this or I can do that.'" But she said she views having haters in a positive light and urges other people to do so, too.

"When you're doubted, relish in that doubt. I relish in that doubt. I love it when... someone doesn't know what I'm about because, you know, then I can show them."

Listen to her message in the video below.

I've made a thirteen year career out of being under estimated. The year I came to LA one of my agents had me meet with this very very popular casting director at the time. I was ten yrs old, I met with her, sang, talked blah blah haha .. I will never forget the feedback the casting director gave to my agent, she said, "Oh yea another little black girl that can sing and dance. What's special abt that?" Lol .. Sounds crazy but my mother always vowed to let me see the harsh truth about the industry .. People used to tell my mother and I that I could never be a dramatic actress, that it wasn't possible for little black girls to act anything but funny. However, my mom found "The Wool Cap" and I became the youngest person to ever be nominated in the lead drama category at the SAG Awards. They told me I couldn't sing AND act, I signed my first record deal at 12. I say all this to say YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Let people underestimate you, be that silent killer, you don't need the spotlight to shine because your light emanates from within! It's not abt being "special" it's abt believing in yourself, not everybody knows what you're capable of but YOU do. - but I thank them, for if they hadn't doubted me I wouldn't have been able to witness my own drive/strength.

Posted by Keke Palmer on Monday, January 4, 2016

In the caption accompanying the video, Palmer gave a little insight into how she overcame the reservations others have had about her and her career. She said in spite of being told by industry folks that she wasn't special, or that she'd never be a dramatic actress, among other harsh criticisms, that she still emerged as a star.

"[B]e that silent killer," the NAACP Image Award-winner wrote. "You don't need the spotlight to shine because your light emanates from within! It's not ab[ou]t being 'special' it's ab[ou]t believing in yourself."

Preach, Keke!

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