Wife Watching Her Husband's First MLB Hit Is What Love Looks Like

She flew across the country just for this moment.

Rookie infielder Kelby Tomlinson and his wife experienced an unforgettable moment on Monday night.

When the 25-year-old was called up by the San Francisco Giants on Sunday night, his wife, Tiffany, flew to Atlanta the following morning to catch that night's Giants-Braves game. Prior to this, Tomlinson had been on the Sacramento River Cats, a minor-league Giants affiliate. Sitting in the stands with her father, she nervously waited for 12 innings until Kelby finally got his chance. 

“I tried to keep it together the best I could. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I believed it until he got on deck and got ready to hit," Tiffany said to the San Jose Mercury News after the game. 

"Then it was, 'My goodness, it’s actually going to happen.'"

To prepare, Tiffany caught her breath and took out her phone, because that's just how humans cope with anxiety nowadays. A picture would be needed for keepsake purposes as well.  

"It's okay," she muttered under her breath. "I wanted to throw up," she said post-game.

So much nervous energy. Prayer hands would be needed. 

Then came the hit. 

Tiffany screamed loud enough for MLB's microphones to catch it. Kelby's line drive dropped safely into the outfield grass and he reached first base. 

Her immediate reaction: JUMP FOR JOY!

The comedown: Tears, proud smiles and hugs from dad. Big-league validation will do that to a family. 

“The last 24 hours, it’s been so much … grateful, more than anything. We’re just so grateful,” Tiffany said. “It’s something we’ve thought about forever and ever and ever. For it to happen, I don’t have the words." 

Dream, complete. 

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