Kele Okereke And Bloc Party Might Still Be Breaking Up?... Or Not?

Bloc Party Confirms That They Might Replace Frontman Kele

In the ongoing saga of frontman Kele Okereke versus Bloc Party, we're throwing in with the astute fellas over at SomeKindOfAwesome and calling the whole thing a hoax. Let's run through the recent spate of questionable events:

  • Guitarist Russell Lissack confirms Kele's deepest fears to NME: "It's not really a secret because Kele's been pretty busy doing solo stuff...We were talking about just doing an instrumental thing, but now we might get a singer as well."
  • Kele brings up the possibility of auditions in a weirdly jovial post about the NME exclusive on his blog: "a big part of me is laughing HARD at all of this but another part of me is all like WTF? im quite curious as to what a bloc party audition would be like? i wonder if they would let me sit on the panel so i could be a judge tyra banks style?"
  • Young Legionnaire announces the time and place of the auditions in a tweet, with possibly meaningful quotations marks around the word "auditions" (cue suspicious chin stroke): "Live 'auditions' will take place tomorrow night at the Borderline, London, 9pm. Get there early to ensure a shot at the big time!"

What does it all mean? Do you feel a sudden urge to buy music by Kele and/or Bloc Party, thereby proving these public shenanigans work? Or do you hate reading about all four buggers and never want to again? Take a break from stroking your chin suspiciously and let us know in the comments.

And if you answered yes to number two, WATCH Kele's "What Did I Do" featuring Lucy Taylor, off his upcoming Hunter:

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