Disney Star Kelli Berglund Talks 'Lab Rats,' Fans Asking Her To Prom And Celeb Crushes

Kelli Berglund may not play your average teenager on "Lab Rats," but the Disney star proves that she's just like every other high school student when it comes to dressing up for prom, hanging at amusement parks with friends, celebrating graduation -- and having the occasional celeb crush.

The 18-year-old recently stopped by HuffPost Live to chat about her upcoming Disney Original Movie, "How to Build a Better Boy," her role as Bree Davenport on the new season of "Lab Rats" and her love of Harry Styles.

In a series of rapid fire questions, the actress also confessed what she thinks is the weirdest thing about herself: The eyebrows and eyelashes on the left side of her face are completely bleach blonde, while those on her right are brown.

"I've never met anyone with the same thing," said Berglund. "It's so weird. When I'm not wearing makeup and I wash my face and I go out, it looks so uneven."

Watch the full conversion with Kelli Berglund below:



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