Exclusive: Mom Who Attempted To Kill Herself And Autistic Daughter Speaks Out From Prison (VIDEO)

Kelli Stapleton, the Michigan mom accused of attempting to kill her teenage daughter who suffers from autism, speaks with Dr. Phil from prison. How could a loving mother think "going to heaven with her daughter" was the only option, and what really happened in September 2013 when Kelli lit two charcoal grills inside a closed van?

In the preview video above, Kelli describes how being in jail has been liberating in some ways. She tells Dr. Phil, "The jail of Benzie County has been a much kinder warden than the jail of autism has been."

The interview airs on Monday, September 15 and continues on Tuesday, September 16, when Dr. Phil also speaks with Kelli's husband Matt, who has since filed for divorce. Check local listings here.

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