Florida Representative Kelli Stargel Introduces Bill: Teachers Should Grade Parents, Too

Beyond The Conference: Teachers Should Grade Parents, Says Florida Lawmaker

As lawmakers continue to debate education reform, Florida Rep. Kelli Stargel has a new idea: give teachers a break and grade parents instead.

Stargel has submitted a bill that would let teachers grade parent performance along with student outcomes, reports CNN.

Stargel said that parents should be just as involved in the education process as the students themselves.

"We have student accountability, we have teacher accountability, and we have administration accountability. This was the missing link, which was, look at the parent and making sure the parents are held accountable."

The bill would give the option of grading parents as "satisfactory," "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement."

Some teachers are skeptical of its effectiveness and dismayed at the thought of more paperwork. Others, like Theresa Hill, a kindergarten teacher in Orlando, Fla., told CNN that she supported the idea.

"I think it would be the best scenario, if parents could be made responsible... We have them only so many hours. The first lessons come from home."


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