Kellogg’s Is Redesigning Corn Pops Boxes So They're Not Racist

The company said it "did not intend to offend."

Kellogg Co. is reworking the artwork on Corn Pops cereal boxes following an allegation of racism.

Marvel Comics writer Saladin Ahmed used Twitter on Tuesday to accuse the cereal company of “teaching kids racism” with an illustration on Corn Pops packaging.

The picture in question shows multiple yellow Corn Pops characters having fun at a shopping mall. The only darker-colored character appears working, as a janitor.

Hey @KelloggsUS why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? This is teaching kids racism,” Ahmed wrote.

He followed up with this tweet:

Kellogg’s responded to Ahmed’s complaint about five hours later, with this apology:

“Kellogg is committed to diversity and inclusion,” the company wrote. “We did not intend to offend — we apologize.”

It added the artwork had now been updated and would be in stores “soon.”

Ahmed said he “genuinely appreciated” the company’s swift response.

Many people cheered the development:

Not everyone thought the illustration was racist, however. Ahmed revealed he’d received abusive tweets from “upset racist dipshits” after his post went viral.

The history of the cereal box illustration was unclear. The cereal company didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for further comment.

Ahmed, meanwhile, has chalked up getting a multinational food company to take action as a “tiny” victory.

Today I used the computer in my pocket to get a cereal company to make their boxes less racist,” he posted.

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