Kelly Clarkson's Daughter Met Santa... And It Didn't Go So Well

River Rose Blackstock was not happy.

Ah, Christmas -- the one time of year when parents encourage their children to sit on a strange man's lap. 

Of course, standing in long lines to meet a mall Santa is a tradition that many families cherish, and for some reason it only gets better when a baby is anything but pleased to see the big man in red.

Yes, we all love a photo of a screaming tyke making it known that Santa is not to be trusted and that's why Kelly Clarkson shared this ultra-relatable photo of her 18-month-old daughter, River Rose Blackstock, meeting Kris Kringle.

"So this happened....#RiverLovesSanta ....is it wrong I slightly enjoyed this ha!" the 33-year-old singer captioned the hilarious snap, which she posted on Instagram on Christmas Eve. 

What makes River Rose's encounter with Old Saint Nick even more humorous is that it's not even the first time she met the guy. Things seemed to go much better the first time around in 2014:

River Rose hangin' with Santa Claus for the first time! She LOVED him ha!

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