Kelly Clarkson Responds To Gay Rumors, Getting 'Hit On By The Hottest Girls Ever'

Kelly Clarkson Responds To Gay Rumors

Kelly Clarkson is unfazed by the gay rumors that have followed her for years. In fact, the rumors have led to her getting hit on by some of "the hottest girls ever," she said.

While speaking with Cosmopolitan magazine for the February 2013 "Love Issue," Clarkson addressed the gay rumors, saying she thinks speculation grew because she hadn't been dating anyone for a while.

"People think, 'Oh, she's been single for too long,'" she said. "That's kind of an insult to the gay community. Being single doesn't mean you're gay. But I'm never insulted by it, obviously. I mean, I get hit on by the hottest girls ever. Oh, my god, if I were a lesbian, I would be so in luck. But it's just not my thing."

Clarkson cleared up gay rumors back in September 2011, as well.

“I just think it is very ignorant to assume that you know everything about someone," she told E! News about her sexuality. "People keep saying that I’m gay and … yeah, I’m not. I’m pretty sure I’ve never made out with a girl. Sometimes, I wish I were because at this point, I would probably get hit on by a lot of girls! It’s just not helping me because I am straight. No boy wants to hit on me because I make mean songs about them and they think I’m gay.”

The 30-year-old singer, who is now engaged to talent manager Brandon Blackstock, had been single for six years before she started dating Blackstock last February.

Although she isn't gay herself, Clarkson is an advocate for gay rights and has vocalized her support for President Barack Obama because of his stance on the issue.

“I’ve been reading online about the debates and I’m probably going to vote for Obama again... I can’t support Romney’s policies as I have a lot of gay friends and I don’t think it’s fair they can’t get married," she told the Daily Star in October.

Her song "People Like Us," which was released on her Greatest Hits -- Chapter One album on Nov. 19, has even been suggested as a gay anthem with lyrics like: "We come into this world unknown/ But know we are not alone/ The change is coming/ It’s our time now."

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article said Clarkson's interview appeared in the February 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan. Her interview appears in the February 2013 issue. A correction has been made.

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