Kelly Corrigan's Ode To Motherhood Is One You'll Want To Pass On To Your Friends

Author's Ode To Motherhood Is One You'll Want To Pass On To Your Friends

I first “met” Kelly Corrigan when four million of you did, back in 2008, when her video “Transcending,” where she read an essay about women's friendship, went viral on YouTube. It was a five-minute, seven-second ode to those who are there to catch us when we stumble and fall.

The essay was printed in the paperback version of her first book, The Middle Place, about love, family, and her fight with cancer. Corrigan’s newest book Glitter and Glue, is out this week, and its another moving, insightful, honest (and funny) paen, this time to motherhood.

There’s a new video, too, with a standalone essay, "This Is The Great Adventure," which you can watch above.

Her words are about navigating the whole of parenting, and about the friends who rally round and hold you up while you do. I suspect it will make you want to send it to every person who has ever done that for you. “Cycling between the kitchen, the desk and the carpool, it can be hard to revel in the domestic litter of backpacks, laundry baskets and jockstraps, much less the cacophony of clashing siblings, or the near silence,” she says.

“What’s the sound of eyes rolling, the tiny click click of thumbs on smart phones, slutty Rihanna whining from a bedroom radio left on? The sound of marital friction, or the mind bending around itself trying to decide when to intervene, when to let them fail, or fight, or go to that kids house you have a bad feeling about?”

Kelly Corrigan joined HuffPost Live to talk parenting, stress reduction and success. See what she had to say...

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