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Kelly Cutrone Doesn't Regret Her Kanye Diss: ‘He's Really Arrogant'

Kelly Cutrone recently sounded off on Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, saying that their Vogue cover doesn't mean they carry any "influence in the fashion world whatsoever." She also made the claim that no one who "really works in the fashion industry .. gives a flying f*ck about Kanye West."

Well, don't expect the "America's Next Top Model" judge to offer Kimye an apology anytime soon. In a HuffPost Live interview Wednesday, the longtime fashion publicist seemed to wholeheartedly stand by her previous comments.

"Kanye's really arrogant," she told host Caitlyn Becker. "Anna Wintour, myself, Gisele Bündchen -- we're not making rap records. We're not going like, 'we're the most important things to rap since NWA' .. it's just like, stop it."

While she's willing to admit that Kimye have "absofuckinglutely" had a "huge effect on pop culture," she recalled that it wasn't so long ago that the rapper could be seen admiring Jeremy Scott sneakers at her fashion shows, "going 'oh, those are cool.'"

"So is Kanye West important in the fashion world? Maybe to Kanye," she said. "Anna Wintour can put him on the cover of Vogue all day long but is she front row at his fashion show? N to the O, which means no in fashion."

Watch more of Kelly Cutrone's conversation with HuffPost Live here.

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