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Kelly Cutrone Used To Look Very Different (PHOTOS)

PR maven Kelly Cutrone is known for two things: her no-nonsense attitude and her signature, pared-down look.

While we can't comment on whether or not she's always had the former quality, we can tell you that her style has undergone a serious overhaul. We've become accustomed to seeing the "Kell On Earth" star makeup-free and wearing oversized, draped black clothing. But thanks to a little photo research, we've discovered that she used to be quite the little trendster.

Back in 1990, Cutrone hit up the birthday party for Jellybean Benetiz with pal Justine Bateman rocking skinny jeans, a tight tank, curls and cool shades. This is not the Kelly who told us to cry outside... See the shot below and tell us if you would recognize her.

Kelly in 1990:


Kelly today:


Styles change:

Um, This Is Awkward...

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