Sen. Kelly Loeffler Mocked For Claiming She’s Been ‘Canceled’

Critics pointed out the wealthy GOP senator has not faced any real consequences for her actions beyond some Twitter snark.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) claimed Wednesday that she’s been “canceled” for her opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement, prompting critics to point out she’s still one of the wealthiest members of Congress, co-owner of the Atlanta Dream WNBA team and has faced no real consequences for her actions.

“I’ve been canceled for calling the BLM political organization what it is: A Marxist group,” Loeffler tweeted on Wednesday. Several hours earlier, she seemed to have a different take, tweeting about “the left’s failed attempt to cancel me after I exposed the divisive and destructive agenda of the BLM political organization.”

For weeks, pressure has mounted for Loeffler to sell her stake in the WNBA — the league is dedicating this season to supporting social justice issues including Black Lives Matter ― after she made a string of comments vehemently opposing the anti-racism movement.

In June, Loeffler, a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and advocate for gun rights, said on Fox News that Black protesters carrying guns in Atlanta were practicing “mob rule,” prompting WNBA players to publicly call for her ouster.

And this month, she’s faced increased backlash after declaring her opposition to the WNBA’s public support of Black Lives Matter. In a Tuesday interview with ESPN, Loeffler voiced concerns that the league’s support of the movement could leave some sports fans feeling “excluded.”

While distancing Loeffler from the Atlanta Dream, WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said on CNN last week that the senator would not be forced to sell her share of the team.

Loeffler, who was appointed to a vacant Senate seat in December, was the subject of nationwide scrutiny over insider trading allegations earlier this year after she profited from large stock trades following private congressional meetings about the looming coronavirus pandemic. She was cleared of wrongdoing by the Justice Department.

She’s been polling behind Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) to keep her seat for a full term this November.

Twitter users struggled to identify what consequences Loeffler’s actually suffered for her opposition to Black Lives Matter and proposed some options that might better meet the criteria for being truly “canceled”:

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