Kelly Loeffler's Repetitive 'Radical Liberal' Debate Attack Inspires Drinking Game

It's hard to walk a straight line with the Georgia GOP senator's broken-record debate attack, gamers discovered.

Twitter users following Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s (R) debate against her Democratic opponent were so awed at her relentless repetition of the attack phrase “radical liberal” that they were inspired to talk up a drinking game, requiring a shot every time she uttered the words.

One person quipped that anyone who actually stuck to the game rules would be “dead now.”

Loeffler repeated the phrase a lot. People on Twitter counted anywhere from 13 to 24, to “like 50” or “a million” repetitions.

The phrase seemed a bit harsh for Democrat Raphael Warnock. As someone sarcastically quipped: “Nothing says ‘radical liberal’ like a reverend from Georgia.”

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