Kelly Marie Tran Breaks Down At 'The Last Jedi' Premiere And Now We're Crying

We're not worthy of Kelly.

Kelly Marie Tran is so pure, she’d probably turn the most evil Sith lord into a softy. 

“The Last Jedi” actress broke down several times with tears of joy at the movie’s premiere on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Honestly, we’re getting emotional just watching her. 

Last night was one of the best nights of my life, and honestly, I truly think it’s because I let myself feel ALL the feelings,” she wrote in an Instagram post following the event. “YOU GUYS. I cried my way through the ENTIRE red carpet! I was basically a ball of emotion — from pure excitement to overwhelming joy.” 

She added: “Thank you to everyone that helped put me here — you know who you are.”

Tran, who plays maintenance worker Rose Tico in the film, began tearing up as she hugged one of the film’s producers, Ram Bergman. The producer even told the press that “there’s nobody better.”

The actress also got emotional while talking to Daisy Ridley, who plays lead Rey. Ridley comforted Tran and the pair hugged it out in a seriously touching moment. 

Landing a role in the “Star Wars” franchise has meant a lot to Tran, the daughter of Vietnamese refugees. She admitted to the New York Daily News that after regularly attending castings for a while without a big break, she had felt tempted to quit but the thought of her parents’ sacrifices motivated her to continue pushing. 

“My parents are both refugees from Vietnam, and they spent their whole lives working towards a reality where my sisters and I would have choice,” Tran told the outlet. “That was purely it. My parents never had the luxury of having a dream.”

Her ever-growing fanbase knows that her stardom is well-deserved.