Kelly Marie Tran Overhears Fans Talking About Her, Has The Sweetest Response

"They couldn't be more lovely."

Kelly Marie Tran gave a group of unsuspecting “Star Wars” fans a stellar surprise after she overheard them discussing “The Last Jedi” in a pub.

The actress, who plays the role of mechanic Rose Tico in the latest installment of the space opera franchise, eavesdropped on their conversation as they dissected the film that they’d just seen “in minute detail.”

A friend captured Tran’s adorable reaction on camera as the group analyzed her character. Tran revealed via Instagram that “after lots of creepy listening” she “awkwardly walked over to introduce myself.”

“They couldn’t be more lovely,” Tran wrote. It was “an incredible moment” in “a string of incredible moments I’ve been experiencing lately.”

Tran also shared a photograph of herself with the group and noted how “the hardest thing to obtain from another human being is their genuine interest.”

It is “really hard” to get someone to listen to your story, she wrote, and acknowledged “how lucky I am to be a part of something that people love, to be able to act and tell stories at all.”

One of the fans excitedly shared the photo too:

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