Kelly & Michael's Rift: Five-and-a-Half Ways to Handle Workplace Betrayal

Tuesday marked the re-uniting of Live co-hosts Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa, in which they put on their happy faces to produce a painfully awkward hour of live television. The rift began last week when Strahan announced he was leaving for Good Morning America, giving Ripa only a short notice before a Live episode. Ripa proceeded to "called in sick" that day and has been MIA ever since. This is a classic workplace betrayal and is one that you may have experienced in the office before... but hopefully without all the media hoopla. So how can you stay above the workplace drama? Here are five-and-a-half ways:

1. Stay in front of it. Ripa's biggest mistake was going off the grid for a week, making her appear as if she was getting picked on at the schoolyard, taking her ball and going home. If you have a rift with an individual, get in front of the story and keep the conflict private. This may require putting on a happy face to other co-workers, but it will save you more office tension in the end.

2. Let it go. Like most advice from a Disney movie, this is easier said than done. But let's be honest: Is it worth getting wrapped up in whatever betrayal you're facing? Take a step back and ask yourself that question. Time heals all wounds and I think Kelly and Michael will someday laugh at their spat.

3. Forgive, but don't forget. It's important to move on in a way that you can still get along with the other person, but still remembering the episode so that you never let that betrayal happen again.

4. Take a different perspective. For Ripa, this task is easy since internet "geniuses" (like yours truly) are quick to have a take on the drama, choosing one side over the other: #KellyVsMichael. But if you take some time to truly detach yourself from your workplace issue, I think you'll find in most cases that there wasn't an intent to betray by the offending party, but rather just a communication issue. Then again, maybe the other person is just a giant buttface... there are those cases... but try the different perspective thing first.

5. Use it as a launching pad. This will be interesting for Ripa, because rumors are swirling about new potential co-hosts, including her close friends Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. So while she's feeling hurt now, she may end up getting an upgraded workplace experience. See if there's a way for your betrayal to launch you into a new adventure.

And five-and-a-half: Sometimes, it's not about you. Strahan had an opportunity to bolster his career by making the move to GMA. Who can blame him? Maybe he could have addressed it with his co-host in a more timely and transparent fashion, but he is making a career move that is best for him. So take a look at your betrayal and see if it's possible that this wasn't a personal attack on you, as much as an opportunity for your perceived betrayer.

Hey friends, I'll never betray you on Twitter. Let's meet up there!