Kelly Newsome, Corporate Attorney, Quits Law Profession To Teach Yoga (VIDEO)

WATCH: I Quit My Job For Yoga

A recent survey of the happiest jobs in the United States placed "Associate Attorney" at the bottom of the list, which wasn't news to Kelly Newsome.

The former attorney found herself so unsatisfied by her day job, that she quit and founded Higher Ground Yoga in 2009. The transition from lawyer to yogi doesn't seem like a natural one, but Newsome says she has no regrets of her past profession. "I'm glad I went to law school," she told HuffPost Live host Mike Sacks.

Ultimately, however, she didn't feel passionate about her work. "It wasn't something that got me jazzed every day [...] it kind of wasn't enough." Newsome added that her past as a stressed, overworked lawyer has actually helped her to understand her clientele, who, according to Higher Ground Yoga's website, are busy women in search of "calm amidst chaos."

Though "Yoga Instructor" wasn't a job listed on the CareerBliss ranking, we'd imagine there's some bliss to the profession: There are countless mood-boosting benefits associated with the ancient art. In fact, yoga might be something stressed out professionals might want to give a go, considering its anxiety-relieving powers.

Watch Newsome explain more about her big career move in the video above and check out the full segment "Quitting The Law," on HuffPost Live, here.

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