Kelly Osbourne: Ex Luke Worrall's Cheating Partner Elle Schneider Speaks Out

You generally don't make friends with the person your ex cheated with, but in this case, the pair make a good team.

Kelly Osbourne broke up with fiance Luke Worrall this summer when she found out that he cheated. Turns out, she nabbed Worrall with the help of the person he cheated with. Enter Elle Schneider. She spoke to Out Magazine about the affair.

When Kelly reached out to her via Twitter and Facebook, she asked Worrall about it and then worked to make a new friend. She offered to work with her and a shoulder to cry on, and the two hit it off.

Schneider, who is transgendered and in the process of changing from man to a woman, said Worrall knew from the start about her gender.

"When he approached me at the club, the crowd I was with was all transgendered people or drag queens," she said. "It was obvious that I belonged to the crowd. Later that night when we met up, I told him, 'I'm transgendered,' and he said he knew and didn't have a problem with it."

As for the nude photos of Worrall that leaked in January, Schneider says they're real -- and she got a good laugh out of seeing his reaction.

In December, Kelly lashed out against Worrall on Twitter -- though Schneider says she has him blocked.

For so much more, including talk about her relationship with Worrall, her sex change and life beyond the affair, click over to Out Magazine.