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Kelly Osbourne Gray Hair 'Something I've Wanted To Do My Whole Life' (VIDEO)

We've gotten quite used to Kelly Osbourne's bouncy gray hair, particularly since seeing her walk the red carpets and talk fashion on E!.

But while fashion types don't bat an eye an at 20-something with silver locks, Kelly is still explaining her beauty choice to the rest of the world. The reality star-turned-fashion critic appeared on CBS's "The Talk" to spell it out:

"I've always wanted to be young and have gray hair...

To me, I'm 27, I've got three years left, the way I look at it, to have fun with it, because once you're 30, you look like a right idiot walking around with like rainbow, bright color hair and all different things like that. So I think, for me, I'm just having fun with it as much as I can until it's not appropriate anymore."

She also notes that she made the color change before Lagerfeld debuted gray-haired models in a Chanel ad campaign (although we're pretty sure that's not true...)

Anyway, we're fans of the unconventional hue, Kelly -- no excuses, explanations or post-30 changes necessary!