Kelly Osbourne Says She Had ‘Biggest Fight’ With Boyfriend Over Their Son’s Last Name

“I feel that I was forced into doing something I didn’t want to do,” she said of their clash.

Kelly Osbourne is recalling the time she and her boyfriend, Sid Wilson, had major static over deciding their baby son’s last name.

In an episode of “The Osbournes” podcast released on Feb. 20, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne opened up about how she and Wilson, whom she’s dated since January 2022, clashed over the decision.

“This is personal, and I didn’t expect to ever talk about this, but I’m going to,” Kelly Osbourne said. “It’s the biggest fight me and my baby’s father have ever, ever, ever had, and probably ever, ever will.”

“I wanted our son to have both of our last names, and he wouldn’t let me, and we had a huge fight,” she continued. “I feel that I was forced into doing something I didn’t want to do, and I can never ever forgive him for that, but we can move on.”

The “One Word” singer went on to share that “after lots of eye-opening conversations and some couples therapy,” the Slipknot member has “seen the light.”

She said that Wilson has agreed to give their son, Sidney, whom they welcomed in late 2022, a “double-barreled last name.”

“We are going to legally change our son’s name to have both of our last names,” she declared, adding, ”We both made our child, so he should have both of our last names. Not one is more important than the other.”

Back in September, Kelly Osbourne opened up about loving motherhood.

“I’m a mom now, I love it. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me,” she told E! News, adding, “It’s scary as fuck because you don’t want to make a mistake.”

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