Kelly Osbourne Disses Kate Middleton For Wearing Same Dress Twice (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kelly Osbourne Disses Kate Middleton For 'Fashion Faux Pas'

While she's never been shy about speaking her mind, Kelly Osbourne is on a roll lately.

The co-host of E!'s Fashion Police dissed Kate Middleton for wearing the same dress twice, calling it a "fashion faux pas."

Osbourne appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and told host Jay Leno, "Well, I’m sorry, but if I had that job, I would only wear it once. If I am going to be the future bloody Queen of England, I’m going to wear that dress once, because I’m giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy, at least I can get a new dress every day.”

Sure, Osbourne's current job involves critiquing the fashion choices of fellow celebs, but she's been particularly mean lately. Just this morning, we reported that Osbourne had some vicious words for singer Christina Aguilera, saying:

"Maybe she is just becoming the fat bitch she was born to be. I don't know. She was a c**t to me. And she bought my house!"

Perhaps Osbourne's mean girl antics can be explained as her way of grieving for her good friend Amy Winehouse who died July 23rd.

Osbourne told Leno that she hadn't really left her apartment since she returned from Winehouse's funeral in London, and said she didn't really want to talk about their friendship because there would be "floods of tears."


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