Kelly Osbourne Could Be Your Date For The Trevor Project NextGen Prom 2014

Have you ever wanted to attend prom with the Emmy Award-winning Kelly Osbourne on your arm? Well here is your chance to make that dream a reality.

Osbourne is teaming up with The Trevor Project for their NextGen Prom 2014, and one lucky donor to the cause will receive the honor of taking Osbourne to the event as their date. Out of everyone who donates to support the event and the efforts of The Trevor Project, one individual will be chosen at random as Osbourne's date.

“I’ve always admired the Trevor Project’s incredible work, and when I heard about the prom I jumped at the chance to support such a fabulous idea,” Kelly Osbourne said in a statement. “To think that so many LGBTQ teens have never been able to experience this iconic event in everyone else's life, is heartbreaking. I’m absolutely excited to be part of this amazing evening that will, no doubt, be full of acceptance, kindness, laughter and love.”

The Trevor Project NextGen Prom is slated to take place on the rooftop of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles on Sat., May 31. Head here to purchase tickets or here to donate to the cause and have a chance at being Osbourne's date.



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