This Comedian's Cat Pictures Are Pure Gold

What's better than one cat? Two cute cats with smushed faces. What's better than that? Their comedian owner constantly mocking them with ridiculous photos.

Kelly Oxford is known for her Twitter jokes, her memoir, and voicing terribly hilarious things about her kids that most parents would never say out loud, but it turns out her best stuff is on Instagram. Between the sweet kid and envious style pics, there's tons of photos of Gus and Gertie, her two exotic shorthair cats.

We could look at these strange-faced cats alllllllll day. Behold, more photos of Gus and Gertie, who should probably just get their own TV show already.

"I just asked them if they liked this season of 'The Bachelor.'"

"'Draw me like one of your French girls.' ~ Gus"

"Gus 'good enough and smart enough.'"

"I asked them to make their 'innocent face'"

"This guy needs to get his shit together."

"I asked him if he ever has flashbacks."

"Lied and told him the house is haunted."

"Woke up to him in my face, asking me if I'd ever give a homeless person CPR."

"I just told him about #cardog"


"I meowed at them and this was his reaction."

"Tonight, instead of meowing to say 'I'm hungry,' Gus ate the air."

"She would eat a dead human."

"Guilty as hell."



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