Kelly Ripa Appears To Go Off-Script With Dig About Michael Strahan's Divorces

A lot of weird tension on "Live" these days.

Things have been tense since Michael Strahan announced his departure from "Live with Kelly and Michael" on April 19, and Friday's episode was no different. 

Kelly Ripa appeared to go off-script during a segment to ask about Strahan's divorces. The former football player has been divorced twice and broke off a five-year engagement to Nicole Murphy in 2014. Ripa, on the other hand, recently celebrated her 20th anniversary with husband Mark Consuelos. 

"There's a great article in the paper and I wanna get your take on it because I don't have a take on it but I want yours," Ripa casually said, not looking at her co-host before ever-so-gently bringing up his past relationships. "So, um, you've gotten divorced ..." 

Strahan turned away from Ripa and looked into the camera with wide eyes, raising his eyebrows and shaking his head as the audience laughed. Considering the look on his face, it doesn't seem like Strahan knew this question was coming. 

He gathered his composure as Ripa asked the audience if "anybody had gotten divorced" before she talked about a new divorce/co-parenting theory called "bird nesting."

Strahan clearly wasn't having it as she explained the concept, and he eventually completely shut down the new fad. Ripa didn't look at Strahan while he spoke and only briefly locked eyes with him after he was done talking.

Taking into account the shade Ripa threw Strahan's way on Thursday, their morning show "divorce" on May 13 should be very interesting.



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