Kelly Ripa Attempts Grape Stomping Record (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kelly Ripa Goes For Grape Stomping Record

Kelly Ripa doesn't dress like the St. Pauli Girl often, but when she does, she's got a good reason.

Regis Philbin's blonder half attempted to stomp her way to Guinness World Record glory Friday, competing on live TV to set the mark for "Most Grapes Trodden in One Minute."

Squishing grapes with your bare feet is a time-honored tradition among European vinters, and Ripa gladly dressed the part, before stepping into a large wooden barrel laden with ripe fruit.

"This is about technique," Ripa told HuffPost Weird News backstage. "You've got to be fast on your feet and have good lateral movement."

In a fast and furious, barrel-rocking 60 seconds, Ripa raced side by side with Martina Servaty of Germany, the previous record holder, as the studio audience of "Live! With Regis And Kelly" cheered them on.

"They clearly pushed each other along," said Stuart Claxton, a Guinness spokesman.

As the clock ticked down, juice flowed from each competitor's barrel into a large glass container. When the buzzer sounded, Claxton confirmed that both Ripa and Servaty had exceeded the old one-minute record of 5.4 liters.

On Monday, Guinness confirmed that Servaty retained her title.

"I will not let this go," Ripa said. "Martina taught me some technique and I'll be back again next year."

Still, Ripa has her place in Guinness history, having set the record for most custard pies thrown in a minute -- 17 -- a mark she set after notching 15 a year earlier.

Co-host Regis Philbin boasts his own Guinness record for most hours clocked on a TV show -- more than 15,000 as of last year.

With Philbin set to retire from the show in a few weeks, HuffPost Weird News suggested that grape-stomping might be a good way for new potential co-hosts to compete for the right to share her show.

"I was thinking about cage wrestling," said Ripa.

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