Kelly Ripa Wants Her Daughter To Leave The Damn Nest For Real

Lola pulled such a kid move after going off to college, the daytime TV host hilariously griped to Jimmy Kimmel.

Kelly Ripa, who got emotional over her daughter Lola leaving for college over the summer, has completely changed her tune.

The “Live With Kelly And Ryan” host told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday that Lola hasn’t truly left the nest ― and Ripa wishes she would. Something similar happened to her oldest kid Michael, as well.

Ripa said she and husband Mark Consuelos (“Riverdale”) had misgivings about the children going to college so close to home at NYU and missing out on experiences “beyond where they grew up.”

Michael reappeared on their doorstep 10 minutes after their drop-off lunch, Ripa recalled on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Ripa said she firmly explained to him that he was to come home only during “regular visiting hours ― Thanksgiving, Christmas, that’s it. Your dad and I need to rediscover each other.”

Lola couldn’t get out of the car fast enough at NYU in August before her first semester, Ripa said. “I won’t be back,” her daughter declared.

Free of their second child, Ripa and Consuelos decamped to Long Island for the remainder of the summer. But their tranquility didn’t last.

“Sunday evening, our alarm trips,” Ripa told Kimmel. “My daughter is having a party on the roof of our house. She was gone 12 hours and came home!”

Ripa said their youngest child Joaquin, 16, won’t be allowed to attend college anywhere near New York.

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