Kelly Ripa Gets Crutches, Regis Philbin Gets Stitches (VIDEO)

Why Is Kelly Ripa On Crutches?

Monday's "Live with Regis and Kelly" turned into a talk show version of "ER," as Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin both came to work sporting tales of medical emergency -- and the crutches and stitches to prove it.

Ripa's was the more eye-catching injury, since she hobbled onto the set on crutches, with Regis helping her get into her chair. Once there, she launched into her tale, which involved multiple visits to all of the doctors Regis recommended ("there was a picture of you autographed in every office!" she said).

Why was Ripa on crutches? It turns out she has a stress fracture in her hip, and can't exercise for three to six weeks. "I just have to sit down," she said.


But that was nothing compared to the harrowing story of the stitches in Regis' hand, which he showed off to the audience. It seems that he cut open a package the wrong way with a box cutter -- and sliced open his hand at the same time. There was lots of blood, and a ride to Connecticut (his wife Joy drove) and a visit to the Greenwich emergency room. The result? Four to five stitches.


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