Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan And Gelman Talk 'Live! With Kelly And Michael'

And just like that, TV history was made when Michael Strahan was named the new co-host of "Live!" alongside Kelly Ripa, making the program "Live! With Kelly and Michael."

Now in its 30th season, "Live!" has seen many forms, from "The Morning Show" to "Live! With Regis and Kelly" and everything in between. As it enters its new chapter, the newest member of the family was welcomed with open arms -- literally. Ripa threw herself on Strahan after he entered the studio for the first time as the new permanent co-host and the two embraced.

But Strahan said he had one thing on his mind when he entered the studio for the first time. "Don't trip," he told reporters on the "Live!" set after the taping. "It was surreal, a little overwhelming because you didn't expect this. It's an incredible place to be and incredible people to work with. Just knowing you're part of something in my opinion that's history was special."

Strahan said once he was in Ripa's arms, he started calming down and flashing that famous gap-toothed smile.

"I'm looking forward to the merchandising and the branding of the gap," Ripa said. "I want the 'Mind the gap' t-shirt -- I look forward to that, the branding of our show."

"We are now a gap-friendly show," Strahan said to the audience after taping his first episode. "Never seen so many gaps."

Executive producer Michael Gelman said Ripa and Strahan just have that x-factor.

"Chemistry isn't something you can really put your finger on," Gelman told press after the show. "But we went through 59 people and we brought people back a lot of times and we thought about a lot of people. There was definitely something special individually with Michael and also their chemistry was there and they had this energy and they're able to have this fun and shorthand together that it just works. It was a tough decision, but Michael coming back all those times made it much easier."

"Live! With Kelly & Michael" airs weekdays.

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