Kelly Ripa On 'Dancin' On Air': Star's Big Break On 80s TV Show (VIDEO)

As Kelly Ripa continues to search for a new permanent co-host to replace Regis, we'd like to make a rather vintage suggestion: her dance partner, Mike.

Most people believe that Ripa's big break came on the soap opera "All My Children," which she joined in 1990. Those who spent their teenage years in the 1980s, however, know otherwise; Kelly's first big TV role came on the Philadelphia-area variety show, "Dancin' On Air," and its nationally broadcast sister show, "Dance Party USA."

Joining the show in 1986, Ripa trotted and grooved (to Cory Hart songs!) across the screens of millions of transfixed teens, wearing cheerleading outfits and bubbling up in interviews. The show celebrated its 30th anniversary with a televised marathon of re-runs this summer, and you can read its long history over at its production company's official website (which looks like something that would have been featured on "Saved By The Bell" had big white cell phones not been the extent of that show's technological cutting edge).

(H/T to I Spy A Famous Face for the initial video)