Kelly Ripa Tells Viewers 'I'm Still Here!' After Audience Boos Michael Strahan's Impending Exit

Friendly reminder.

Here's a couple of friendly reminders, courtesy of Kelly Ripa. 

  1. Michael Strahan's last day on "Live" is fast approaching.
  2. Kelly Ripa is still here, damnit. 

On Tuesday's show, Ripa took a moment to remind viewers that Strahan's days as co-host were numbered. "A week from this Friday is Michael's final show here at 'Live.'"

It was a reminder that was met with boos, before one audience member shouted, "We still love you, Kelly." 

Ripa laughed and responded, "Thanks, I'm still here!" 

The 45-year-old went on to talk about the send-off that's planned for Strahan's last day on May 13. 

"We'll remember. We'll reminisce. We're going to look back at the fun times we've had together -- wait till you see all the stuff that we've done. You're not going to believe it," she said. "So join us for Michael's Flashback Friday Farewell on Friday the 13th," she added, before starting to laugh about the irony of the date. "You can't plan this! You literally cannot plan it."

This is Ripa's second week back on "Live" after taking time off from the show after being reportedly blindsided by news of Strahan's exit to "Good Morning America." Last week, she returned to the show, where she addressed the drama and congratulated Strahan. However, it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing. 

In addition Tuesday's awkward quip, Ripa previously mentioned contract negotiations and appeared to go off-script when she brought up Strahan's two divorces



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