Kelly Rowland Says She Leans On These Famous Moms For Advice

She thanked Beyoncé and Solange for helping her along the parenting journey.

Life in the spotlight isn't easy, but Kelly Rowland has a tight-knit squad to help her through the rough patches. 

The Grammy Award-winning artist, who stopped by HuffPost Live to dish on her new show "Chasing Destiny," said that her relationship with ladies of Destiny's Child has evolved over the years, but is as strong as ever. Rowland called Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams her "sisters" and said she still leans on them for words of advice after all their years in the music industry. 

"We just go through different things. I can call Michelle for prayer. I call Bey for motherly advice. I call Solange [Knowles] for school advice. … like all of my friends who are mothers," she said. "And just growing as women we have so many different things in common. It's just really a blessing."

Rowland's circle of experienced moms have been "super supportive" as she learns the ropes of parenting with her son, Titan. She remembered the kind words of one celebrity mom in particular, who reached out to Rowland to offer her help. 

"Like I'll never forget [Jennifer Hudson] hitting me and she was like, 'You need anything? I'm here for you,'" she told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

Rowland isn't the only one who's got friends looking out for her. Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy keeps an eye out for Titan too, she added. The singer said she's immensely thankful for all the love and support.  

"It's so awesome to have women in the industry, who are so beautiful, so hard working and secure and lovely women who want to be there to support you," she said. "So I'm just so grateful to God I have that circle of women around me."

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