Kelly Rowland's New Album: Singer To Feature Beyonce And Michelle Williams On Track

After a highly anticipated Super Bowl reunion, it looks like Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce are teaming up again. The twist: They're not making a Destiny's Child song.

Kelly Rowland tells Billboard that her upcoming album will include a track that features her former Destiny's Child colleagues, but as three solo artists instead of their usual collective unit.

"It's not a Destiny's Child track -- it's me featuring Beyonce and Michelle," she told the magazine.

Rowland has reportedly been recording the album, entitled "Talk A Good Game," for more than a year. Set to be released June 4, it serves as a follow-up to her 2011 effort "Here I Am," which sold 77,000 copies its first week and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Rowland recently released the first single from the new album, "Kisses Down Low," and was probed this weekend about the song's oral-sex references on "The Breakfast Club" radio show. She admitted she would not stay with a man who isn't interested in the particular breed of fun that she discusses in the song.

During the same interview, Rowland discussed singer Keyshia Cole's disparaging remarks toward Michelle Williams' performance at the Super Bowl.

“I think the silence is the best power because you don’t have to say nothing -- they did all the talking,” the singer explained. “Keep talking. I don’t think that it’s important to fire back because [you're] just fueling the fire. I just think that you don’t have to do that. We too grown for that stuff.”

Rowland told Billboard that she recorded "70-something" songs for "Talk A Good Game" and had to endure the "hard" process of whittling them down to 12 final tracks.

Watch the video for "Kisses Down Low":



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